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The name Axelgo is a pun on the words “excel”, and “go”. It conjures the image of an athlete who is always on the go, with excellence in mind.


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The Axelgo man or woman does not compete with others but focused on achieving one’s personal best. The Axelgo personality is one who believes in individual excellence and inspires the people around to be the best they can be.


An independent lifestyle brand that is conceptualized to provide premium quality in the most flattering fit. Axelgo attire ensures you look and feel good even while you work out. Designed for multi-wear purposes, you can wear it to work with outerwear, and then straight to your gym classes. Or wear during weekends or vacation when comfort and versatility are of prime importance.


Thanks to the quality control team’s stringent checks, the fabric handpicked by Axelgo is so comfortable it feels like its second skin. Apart from its versatile, trendy design, its sweat-wicking capability in most of our products is what makes our sportswear a must-have in your wardrobe. Products range from sports attire which include sports bras, tops, jackets, leggings, shorts; and accessories like bags, caps, quick-dry towels and shoes.

No matter the occasion, there’s an Axelgo attire and accessory for your desired use.

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